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Rotary wing LoRa remote water meter

Small Caliber Smart Water Meter

1. Temperature grade: T30 (cold water meter)

2. Pressure rating: MAP10 (0.03~1MPa)

3. Pressure loss rating: A p63

4. Applicable water quality: clean tap water without impurities

5. Communication method: LoRa wireless communication

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Details description


The water meter is based on the rotor-type dry multi-flow water meter, adopts electronic direct reading technology, and mechanical display mode. The built-in LoRa wireless chip adopts a number of self-owned technologies of Jingda Company, which has the advantages of convenient installation, accurate measurement and reliable performance.


This water meter was launched in 2012, and the first batch of users have been running it stably for nearly 8 years, with reliable performance. It is also one of the remote water meters with the highest shipment volume of our company. It is an ideal IoT water meter product for water management departments such as water supply companies and real estate property companies.


Technical features


The base meter conforms to the national standard of GB/T778-2007 "Drinking Cold Water Meter and Hot Water Meter"

All technical indicators are in line with the CJ/T 224-2006 "Electronic Remote Water Meter" standard

Using a number of self-owned technologies, it is the preferred charging management meter for water companies

Using a dry base meter, the LoRa wireless intelligent control module is fixed on the internal circuit board of the water meter

The meter and valve are integrated design, the valve can be added to the meter, and the remote control valve is supported, with superior performance

Micro-power consumption design, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can ensure the normal use of the water meter for more than 6 years

Anti-freezing function: The whole table applies special technology, which can improve the anti-freezing performance at -8°C

Real-time reading function: Through the remote meter reading platform software, the real-time reading function can be realized

Battery voltage reading function: Through the remote meter reading platform software battery voltage data

Support step water price, support prepayment and post-payment



Rotary wing LoRa remote water meter    Rotary wing LoRa remote water meter



Parameter description



Nominal diameter (mm)

Common flow (Q3) (cubic meter)

Mileage ratio

Maximum reading

Accuracy level





99999.9999 cubic meters





LXRY-25D(E/F) DN25 4.0


Installation Size(mm) D1 D2 D3 A B C
LXSY-15D 190 258 238 1/2'' 1/2'' 1/2''
LXSY-20D 195 299 279 3/4'' 3/4'' 3/4''
LXSY-25D 225 345 325 1'' 1'' 1''


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