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Screw-type NB remote water meter

Small Caliber Smart Water Meter

1. Temperature class: T30 (cold water meter)

2. Pressure rating: MAP10 (0.03~1MPa)

3. Pressure loss rating:  p63

4. Applicable water quality: clean tap water without impurities

5. Communication method: NB wireless communication

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Details description


This water meter uses a screw-wing impeller inside, which has small pressure loss and high measurement accuracy. The appearance is small and exquisite, and the installation space is small. Compared with the conventional horizontal water meter, the vertical installation saves nearly half of the installation space. It is a remote water meter with excellent overall performance.


The built-in NB-IOT IoT module and chip have the advantages of a stable network, convenient remote meter reading, remote transmission and remote control, etc. It is the preferred IoT water meter for water companies and water resource management departments.


Technical features


Using a number of self-owned technologies, leading technology.

Vertical installation, super small space occupation, super good performance; valves can be added in the meter to support remote control valve functions. High-definition LCD screen display of consumption data, electromechanical dual display

Use internationally accepted PPO materials that meet the requirements of pure water, healthy and environmentally friendly

Electronic high-sensitivity water meter with small initial flow. With automatic error correction function

Using the NB-IOT narrowband Internet of Things, through the NB-IOT network management platform, regularly read the water consumption data every day

Low power consumption design; the built-in battery can continuously maintain the normal measurement of the water meter for more than six years. Through the management platform software, the battery voltage can be checked in real time for easy management

Low cost, DN15/20/25 meter body is the same, just need to configure different pipe joints

There is a real-time clock in the watch, and the clock can be calibrated by the host computer

Step water price can be set, support prepaid or postpaid

This NB water meter has a straight pipe section design, internal screw wing structure, less water storage in the cavity, and inherently has better antifreeze performance.



Screw-type NB remote water meter    Screw-type NB remote water meter



Parameter description



Nominal diameter (mm)

Common flow (Q3) (cubic meter'n)

Mileage ratio

Maximum reading

Accuracy level





99999.9999 cubic meters





LXRY-25D(E/F) DN25 6.3


Installation Size(mm) A B C D
LXSY-15D 120.5 84.5 115 G 3/4‘’
LXSY-20D 120.5 84.5 115 G 1‘’
LXSY-25D 120.5 84.5 115 G1 1/4‘’



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