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Vertical screw-wing large-diameter water meter

Large Caliber Smart Water Meter

1. Temperature class: T30

2. Pressure rating: MAP10 Pressure loss rating: ^p63

3. Climate and mechanical environment level: B Upstream flow field sensitivity level: U10

4. Downstream flow field sensitivity level: D5

5. The maximum allowable error: under the rated working conditions of water temperature, +5% in the low area (Q1≤Q<Q2), +2% in the high area (Q2≤Q≤Q4), when the water temperature is ≤30C, and +2% when the water temperature is >30C +3%.

6. Usually Q2/Q3=6.3, if you need Q2/Q1=1.6, you need to customize

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Details description


This series of products is a vertical screw-wing large-diameter water meter. Adopt vertical screw internal structure, wide range, high precision, R=200. Improve the economic benefits of water resources management and reduce the waste of water resources through ac curate measurement .


It is the preferred water meter measurement instrument for the water resources management charging department. Moreover, the intelligent upgrade is very convenient. You only need to replace the upper cover with a different remote transmission module to complete the intelligent upgrade.



Technical features


Convenient maintenance, the movement can be disassembled and washed, replaceable, and maintenance is very convenient

Intelligent upgrade is convenient, only need to replace the cover to upgrade to remote water meter

Low power consumption design. When upgraded to wireless remote transmission type (NB type/LoRa type), the battery can be used for 2~3 years, and the battery voltage can be checked in real time through the management software, which is convenient for replacement

When upgraded to a wired remote transmission M-BUS/RS485 type, the normal working state is powered by the communication line, and the built-in lithium battery can ensure the normal measurement of the water meter for more than three years when the communication line is broken.

Remote meter reading: Through the management software, the consumption data can be read regularly and at fixed points, and the water consumption can be monitored in real time, so as to facilitate the discovery and troubleshooting of abnormal water consumption

Superior moisture-proof performance, passed the IP68 waterproof level test, you can use it with confidence



Vertical screw-wing large-diameter water meter    Vertical screw-wing large-diameter water meter



Parameter description



Nominal diameter (mm)

Common flow (Q3) (cubic meter)

Mileage ratio

Maximum reading

Accuracy level





Installation Size(mm) D1 D2 D3 A B C


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